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Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage

If you are looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating massage experience, Swedish massage is likely ideal for you. Our Swedish massage experience focuses on relaxation, tension reduction, and blood circulation. 

Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage

Our deep tissue massage allows you the opportunity to address several layers of the body, including muscle and tendons. This type of massage is ideal for those trying to relieve pain and reduce muscle stiffness. 

Trigger Point Massage

If you are looking to address chronic muscle irritation and stiffness, our trigger point massage is designed to reduce pain, address chronic injuries, and get your body back to a full range of motion. 

Sports Massage

Our sports massage is designed for our most active clientele. If you're moving regularly, you likely deal with some unpleasant soreness. Our sports massage is designed to get your body recovering quickly, so you can get back to conquering! Sports massage can help you prevent injuries, improve performance, and shorten recovery time. 

Stretch Massage

Are you looking for the ultimate gentle massage? Maybe you're experiencing a lot of pain and a massage sounds needed by painful. A stretch massage may be just the thing for you. Our stretch massage is designed to release tension, address muscle stiffness, and restore range of motion. 

Therapeutic Touch

If you are feeling a bit fragile, perhaps post surgery, post partum, or healing from an injury, you may feel too tender to want the depth of a massage. Some light touch might be more your speed. Therapeutic touch offers the healing benefits that massage can provide, in the gentlest way possible. 

Couples Massage

Looking for the perfect date? Our couple's massage is designed to give you both a relaxing experience and a moment to bond. 


Hot Stone Treatment

Hot stone massage has been used for hundreds of years for a reason - it works. This type of massage is an ancient Chinese technique, designed to help muscles find the relaxation that only heat can give. Use this add-on when you're looking to get the most muscle release out of your massage experience. 

Cupping Treatment

Our cupping treatment might make you look a little funny but is a sure way to bring relief to muscle aches, stiff joints, and body inflammation. 

Aroma Therapy

Who doesn't love essential oils? Use this add-on to bring in an additional layer of relaxation and relief to your massage experience. 

Add-on Treatments

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