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Carter Call

Carter was licensed as a massage therapist in 2016 and has been practicing massage ever since. He received his education through Mountain Heart School of Bodywork and was forever inspired by his experience there.


Carter's massage style is incredibly intuitive and he is very gifted in his understanding of body mechanics. From medical massage to deep tissue, cupping, and hot stone therapy, Carter has mastered it all. Carter's intuitive and unique style keeps his clients coming back for relief, relaxation, and body empowerment. 


Carter is not only a skilled massage therapist, but also has a vast knowledge of herbology and plant medicine. As a pioneer in Kratom advocacy, Carter has served as the passionate owner of Sacred Kratom LLC since 2019 and founded Sacred Botanicals LLC in 2020. 

Carter's tenacity to find the root cause of pains in the body combined with his unique ability to alchemize bodywork and herbology sets him apart from the rest as a truly rare healing catalyst. 


Carter's Specialties

Carter has been trained and certified in the following: 

  • Therapeutic Neuromuscular Therapy

  • Cupping Treatment

  • Hot Stone Treatment

  • Himalayan Salt Stone Treatment

  • Assisted Stretching

  • Internal Organ Massage

  • CBD Integrated Massage

  • Reflexology

Carter's Philosophy

Carter founded Ascensions Bodywork and Wellness in 2019. Carter is passionate about empowering his clients to heal their bodies through consistent bodywork, wellness education, and herbology. At Ascensions, you will find both the fiercest health advocate and an empathetic touch. Ascensions is your wellness ally. Elevate your health. 

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